Tuesday, 4 September 2007


01 unnecessary
02 her independent feature
03 shake the shakers
04 love or monsters
05 planetary gears
06 under the rocksand
07 death to palaces
08 chavez
09 sorry sorry
10 try

". . . The quartet's keen power pop summons the spirit of classics acts like Cheap Trick and Elvis Costello, but their modern attitude and harmonies also recall more current artists like Ted Leo and the Pharmacists."
- Megan Seling, The Stranger

". . . bringing to mind the very best of The Figgs at their poppiest perfection, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Brendan Benson and Sloan. "
- Not Lame Records

A bit of guitar-driven white-boy indierock - not exactly cutting edge but a real feelgood album.

(NB. Sorry, but the tracks don't have ID tags.)

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