Thursday, 20 September 2007


(Matinee Records, 2007)

Disc one:

01 Falling Off of My Feet Again
02 Point Being
03 The Invention of Ordinary Everyday Things
04 Synchronized Sinking (Radio Session)
05 Postcard
06 The Year of Driving Languorously (Radio Session)
07 Even Stevens (Radio Session)
08 These Is a Light That Never Goes Out
09 Macintyre
10 The Winter Proper
11 Anyone's Guess
12 $30
13 Get Well Now
14 A Hiccup in Your Happiness (Radio Session)
15 Deep Sea Diving Suit
16 Punchlines (Live)
17 Snug (Alternate Version)
18 I Prefer the Twentieth Century (Hydroplane Remix)
19 To Absent Votes
20 Make a Wish
21 Smokers in Love (Live)
22 Are You Having a Good Time?!?!

Disc two:

01 From Macaulay Station
02 I Started a Joke
03 Once Again
04 How to Tie a Tie (Pipas Remix)
05 Rushes of Pure Spring
06 Rue Something
07 Off With His Cardigan! (Radio Session)
08 Camera-Shy (Live)
09 Requiem for the Punters Club
10 Yunta Hair
11 Dignified and Old
12 Caravanna (7" Version)
13 The Thought That Counts
14 Up (7" Version)
15 Boat
16 Broken Bones (Radio Session)
17 Danielle Steel (Live)
18 Dolly
19 Shine on Me (7" Version)
20 Transpontine (Andrew Kaffer Remix)
21 The Tichborne Claimant (Live)
22 I've Got It and It's Not Worth Having
23 Your Favourite Shirt (Demo)

"Amazing to think the Aussie indie pop band the Lucksmiths have been around for well over a decade. Even more amazing for the fervent fans of the band would be the latest release from the Lucksmiths titled “Spring A Leak”. A massive (and I mean MASSIVE) 45 song collection of all never before released material. B-sides from those cherished 7″ singles, live tracks, alternate versions, demos, remixes, cover versions all exist on this sweetly packaged double CD album. It’s enough to make a skinny cardigan wearing kid uncuff his rolled up jeans and jump up for joy. Also for the more fanatical fans, a bit jaded from buying all those ultra-rare ($$$) 7″ releases from Ebay and what not." Lunapark6


Stuart said...

Thank you for this, is there any track info available, like where/when each of the tracks was released? Also, I'm having trouble unzipping part 3 – anyone else experiencing similar?

L said...

Haven't tried unzipping yet. Thanks in advance for this - I have most but not all their records. One of the most underated bands; they deserve big fame and fortune. Can't wait to listen to this.