Wednesday, 5 September 2007


01 vitamins
02 round and round

03 crazy girl

04 not giving up

05 allison

06 september 1st

07 plastic swords

08 saturday

09 peter wolf

10 calgon

11 girl for everyone and listen up

12 untitled

"The songs on this release are upbeat and catchy, and the guitar/drum simplicity works well for them. With a Violent Femmes-like pace and starkness, and occasional Beach Boys-y vocalizations, the songs are similar enough to each other that they create a sonic calling card for The Femurs. Their sound is consistent, and the songs are winners, though they don’t deviate all that far from one another.

The album has a lo-fi, DIY charm. You can picture the brothers sitting in their living room recording this album, having a hell of a lot of fun. Songs have playful dynamics like sudden stops and starts, changes in volume, and vocal tricks galore. Some of the finest moments come from these tricks — “September 1st” ends with great energetic vocal harmonies; “Calgon” does it again. “Crazy Girl” starts quiet and eventually erupts; “Not Giving Up” may be the most elaborate song, compositionally speaking. All of these songs are somehow intricate in their simplicity." Three Imaginary Girls


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L said...

Love these guys. A real beat, they rock, but in a melodic fun sort of way. Good harmonies, catchy tunes. Terrific. Thanks for posting. LD