Thursday, 27 September 2007


(Semi-Content Music, 2007)

01 distance is the difference
02 designs
03 covered in acrylic
04 he's gone fetal
05 who turned up the voltage?
06 breathing
07 whatever you got
08 faking nice
09 a dancer's husband (my major faults)
10 where would we be without cruelty?
11 city

"A recording of 11 delicately placed, cleverly crafted, bizarre rock songs. These songs consist of character studies, fantastical dreams, and the genuine confusion that permeates big city life. The music ranges from a minimalist structure with glockenspiel and synthesizer to a more formal structure of melodic and harmonic layering. The album maintains an honest, melancholic atmosphere through haunting imagery, sardonic humor, and wistful vocals. Touches of modern electronic music and field recordings of arguments in a café, rain, traffic, and factory sounds add color to what is essentially a dark pop album in the vein of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, REM, and Blonde Redhead."

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