Sunday, 16 September 2007


(Kill Rock Stars, 2007)

01 new life
02 mind hole
03 kosmos love
04 hey hey dream
05 fantasy life
06 I ripped my own heart out
07 fly on the window
08 the mapping of e8
09 lone life
10 liela mila
11 everything is fine
12 I want to believe
13 what happened to you

" “Kosmos Love” is a classic, the drums are insistent, thy keys are melodic, the backing drone is steady and “Kosmos Love” is repeated like a mantra, all three voices melding into one another. “Hey Hey Dream” is what truly drew me in. It simply slays. It has qualities about it similar to lablemates Deerhoof, but in addition to and above this, a psychedelic Motown feel like none other. Like an R&B inspired The United States of America. All in all, the album is an exploratory dark pop, lite rock, shoegazey party for your ears and your mind! " S F Station

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