Monday, 10 September 2007


(High Two Records, 2007)

01. Once and For All
02. Writing Letters
03. Danger In the Halls
04. Low-Res
05. Terrified
06. Oxbow Lake Syndrome
07. Peace Is Burning Like a River
08. Lion Has His Pride
09. Hanna
10. Sincerely, the Last Century

"Brian McTear's move from behind the scenes of music production into the driver's seat might have been less to sit up and notice on Bitter Bitter Weeks' first two albums, but Peace Is Burning Like A River just might change much of this. The often dreamy yet somehow simultaneously sunny songs make for a relaxing and intriguing album. These might not be the popular radio hits other artists are striving to write, but McTear has put together an album full of gems that will grow on listeners with each spin of the CD. "

"Peace is burning like a river is a rock record. While past Bitter bitter weeks records were perceived to be dark in their simplicity, this new record is vast, honest, assured and dare we say "triumphant". The album picks up on arrangement ideas inspired by the work he and Quentin Stoltzfus did for Mazarin. At the same time, it taps into the American jangle of early to mid-80s college underground music ("alternative", they used to call it), while sitting atop a subtle Eno-esque bed of organs and tape echo. "

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