Friday, 7 September 2007


01 condor and river
02 untitled

" 'Condor & River' is the title of another highly limited CD on Loom by Her Name is Calla. Once again, the packaging is sumptious, clearly influenced by the progressive CD label Mort Aux Vaches in it's quest for the best use of cardboard ever. 250 of these buggers and if you're hankering for how Tarentel once sounded then this 2 track epic (one long, one very short track) should satisfy you post rock kids. Yes there's Explosions ITS to take into consideration but the production & occasional burst of distortion reminds me of bands like Dreamend. It's how this music should sound. Like the bastard speakers are melting & a huge pissed off pheonix is attacking your fridge in it's panic to get outta yer hovel & into the stars. Yes. This lot have sat there and taken it all in and spat a bit of attitude & a lot of atmosphere into an oft wilting genre. There's even some vocals on there which kinda break up the 16 min + leader nicely. However his voice does make me think a little of Pink Floyd. Epic as you like." Norman Records

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You can find Her Name Is Calla releases in perfect lossless FLAC quality in my blog, FLAC for the masses: Her Name Is Calla.