Saturday, 22 September 2007


(Catbird Records, 2007)

  1. Igloo (stream)
  2. Spook House
  3. Vacation
  4. Summer School
"I know everyone's going to love Clear Tigers. I know this because I loved the songs instantly, the very first time I heard them. I know this because after I posted about CT a few months back, I immediately started getting emails from people thanking me for turning them onto the band. I know this because we've sold 2/3 of our run of this new EP in less than 24 hours. Yes folks, they are going really damn fast.

It's a 4-song EP, in a hand-screened Mini-7" style sleeve. It's an edition of 200, and it's only 3 bucks." Catbirdseat

(The release is now completely sold out by the way.)

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