Saturday, 15 September 2007


(Daptone, 2007)

1. Chicago Falcon
2. Budos Rising
3. Ride or Die
4. Mas O Menos
5. Adenji
6. King Cobra
7. My Girl
8. Origin of Man
9. Scorpion
10. Deep in the Sand

"The Budos Band is one of a small cadre of bands who record for Daptone Records, still probably best known as the home of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, though the label has recently received an amount of mainstream exposure by virtue of the 'Kings being Amy Winehouse's backing band. And like nearly all of the acts on the Daptone imprint, II doesn't stray from the label's purposely old-school aesthetic, having been recorded directly to analog tape within the dilapidated Brooklyn, NY brownstone that comprises both studio and base of operations.

The result is music that sounds like it was recorded thirty years ago, a blessing considering the ProTooled-to-death nature of most modern funk acts, the vast majority of which are far more suited to cocktail party than dance floor. Seriously, when was the last time anyone had a reason to be excited about a large-scale funk ensemble not named the Dap Kings? Also, the Budos Band hail from Staten Island, which means they have more than enough time to practice because there simply isn't much else going on (you think 36 Chambers [1993] was that tight by accident?). Their deal is that of nasty, orchestrated funk, owing in equal part to the Afro-pop of Hugh Masekela -- whose signature tune "Grazing In the Grass" the Budos likely have a more than passing familiarity with -- and to the extravagant ensembles headed by Curtis Mayfield."

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