Tuesday, 11 September 2007


(Self-released, 2007)

1. Thimble
2. Midday Midnight
3. Life is Great
4. Bird on the Floor
5. Fameseeker (Echoes From the Halls of Decay)
6. Streetsweeper
7. Imagining You

"The unsigned band’s new EP is a big step up from last year’s self-titled debut, a collection of delirious bedroom folk as instantly likeable as the pretty girl dancing in the front row of the Peter Bjorn and John concert. “Thimble” opens with the set with the band’s new mission statement: expect the unexpected. A simplistic folk song at heart, with its scattershot drumming and out-of-nowhere studio layerings, it evokes Wilco’s “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” -- at least until it segues into the ‘70s guitar rock sections. “Midday Midnight,” with its hushed harmonies and vintage keyboards, could pass for a lost Elephant 6 track. " CokemachineGlow

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L said...

Another good discover. Can't wait to listen. Thanks -LD