Sunday, 30 September 2007


(Hits The Fan, 2006)

01 - the greys
02 - music now
03 - the first incident
04 - yawns
05 - be less rude
06 - the second incident
07 - go go girls
08 - behave!
09 - square 9
10 - the final incident

" 'Sing the Greys' could refer to a very Scottish take on the blues, or else some kind of singing alien visitors. Frightened Rabbit sound like either could be true. This masked Weegie bedroom brother collective play Donnie Darko-esque indie pop that goes down very well in France and Japan, if those kind of things are how you judge bands. This album was recorded three times before, in the band's home studio set-up, so they have had the benefit of being able to try out a few rough drafts of the album, and the songs feel already worn in as a result, like a comfy pair of trainers. This is by no means brand new, although even if you feel you've heard every vocal melody, every bouncy guitar line, every quirky interlude, Frightened Rabbit will still bring a smile to your face. I hope this IS their day job."

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