Tuesday, 4 September 2007


01 Headlines
02 In The Club
03 New Violence
04 Going Down
05 Smoke
06 The Shadow
07 Danger
08 I Want Candy
09 Fleetwood Crack
10 Route To Palm
11 Lice in the Rainbow

12 Violator
13 Satisfaction

"Smoke is his self-invented messiah. Recorded in various sublets over two years in Cleveland, Cincinnati, New York, and San Francisco, using a laptop, analog synths and a mutable selection of studio equipment, White Williams' first album is unapologetic pop that flirts with the vacuous nostalgia of the American dream; e ngaging ambiguous and schizophrenic instruments with impressionistic lyrics, driven by a casually heterosexual backbeat. Polished, familiar and addictive like the sound of sex in a futuristic hospital, Smoke portends a time where energy-drinking teenagers undress each other with night-vision goggles. As an amalgam of adolescent telepathy and mature awareness: White Williams is the soundtrack to our dreams of a lustful and indifferent prom night that lasts forever." Tigerbeat6


matthew said...

this is fucking excellent! thank you sooo much! :)

joe said...

can you please take this down? the album does not even come out until nov 6th

kentuckylink said...
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kentuckylink said...

Please take this album off of your website. The label and artist would greatly appreciate it as the album does not come out for 2 months. It is okay if you want to post the mp3 for New Violence, but we really do not want the entire album available. We hope you'll respect our wishes.