Saturday, 8 September 2007


(Self-Released, 2007)

01 who am I kidding
02 rapid heart movement
03 civil
04 robot love
05 shakedown
06 lucky strike
07 losing my mind
08 empty shell
09 crumar
10 dim the light
11 midnight session

"The main man behind this album, Generoso Padigos, brings out influences from all across the electronic music spectrum, as well as elements outside it. “Shakedown” is a glitchy number with sounds in every direction, including live trumpet, that manages to avoid becoming a mess by weaving the sometimes discordant bleeps into counterpoint with drum machine clicks and fuzzed-out guitar. The opener “Who am I Kidding” sounds like Her Space Holiday with its gentle, melodious synth and bright, ringing beat. “Civil,” practically an indie rock song, is one of the catchier tracks for its simple yet hooky guitar line. “Empty Shell” is a swaggering number, almost appropriate for a rapper, if it weren’t for Padigos’ goth-esque vocals. “Crumar” revives 80’s gloom-pop in a cooler way than just about anything else out there."

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