Sunday, 2 September 2007


1. I Woke Up Today
2. My Eyes Won't Shut
3. A Puffin
4. Tree Bones
5. I Won't Look Back
6. Split
7. A Bird Flies By
8. A Branch of You and Me
9. Anchor
10. Rest My Head
11. Five and Dime
12. Simple Way

"Think of the way a really good late-party singalong sounds in your drunken, echoing head: a little sleepy, loosey-goosey with the timing, but ecstatic, brilliant, meaningful, epic. Even sober and by the cruel light of day, that's the sound of Port O'Brien."-- SF Weekly

"Port O'Brien do a dusty and smacking music that reminds me of a back-porch Shins, safe on the good side of good."--Wired Magazine Online

"Port O’Brien’s ‘I Woke Up Today’ is stunning. It comes together perfectly like the climactic Hallelujah chorus of a choir made up Akron/Family, O’Death and The Arcade Fire."--Yer Bird Records

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L said...

Great discovery. Very appealing and lovely melodies and harmonies. Good taste.