Saturday, 29 September 2007


(We Are Free, 2007)

01 Sunrise
02 Wait for the Summer
03 2080
04 Germs
05 Ah, Weir
06 No Need to Worry
07 Father and Son
08 Winter Time
09 Waves
10 Worms

"One could say they hear harmonies suggestive of Crosby Stills Nash and Young - or even the prog-ness of Peter Gabriel era Genesis. Although the band names both as influences, it is impossible to overlook the other myspace-listed inspirations: Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars and Popul Vuh. Incidentally, when the album is uploaded to itunes, “world music” is the genre into which it falls. Meanwhile, the band’s myspace jokingly uses “Visual / Gospel / Showtunes” to classify the group. Ironically, they actually are that difficult to categorize. These genre-spanning influences perplex and, therefore, create an odd uniqueness that allows you to thoroughly enjoy your very own dim destiny.

Case in point is the opening track “Sunrise”, which begins with repeated a capella “ohhhh”s, followed by hand claps and piano. Next, worldly rhythmic bass and drums accompany electronic samples. The voice then begins with the lyrics “Yea it started with a stumble/and I get old and I get humble/the sky cracked a million ways making me blind”. Now you are hooked."

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