Monday, 24 September 2007


1. Park Slope/Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips
2. Courting Blues/Bert Jansch
3. Holland Tunnel/John Phillips
4. Lullaby/Loudon Wainwright III
5. Heart Like A Wheel/Kate & Anna McGarrigle
6. The Bright New Year/Bert Jansch
7. Drive/The Cars ­
8. Let's Go/The Feelies
9. Figure Eight/Blossom Dearie
10. Come Sing Me A Happy Song To Prove We All Can Get Along the Lumpy, Bumpy, Long and Dusty Road/Bert Jansch
11. Hey You/Dean Wareham
12. Family Conference/Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips
13. Street Hassle/Lou Reed
14. The Swimming Song/Loudon Wainwright III
15. Life Depends On Love/Bert Jansch

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