Thursday, 20 September 2007


(Secretly Canadian, 2007)

01 See(ing) Double - Nikki Sudden (covering a June Panic song from the album Baby's Breadth
02 The Last Bandit - Songs:Ohia (covering a Nikki Sudden song from the album Texas)
03 Structure:Necessity - Suzanne Langille (covering a Songs:Ohia song from the album Impala)
04 The Escape - Early Day Miners (covering a Suzanne Langille & Loren MazzaCane Connors song from The Enchanted Forest)
05 Upstate - Damien Jurado (covering an Early Day Miners song from the lp version of Let Us Garlands Bring)
06 Abilene - Dave Fischoff (covering a Damien Jurado song from Where Shall You Take Me?)
07 Propaganda For A Comic Strip - Danielson (covering a Dave Fischoff song from The Ox And The Rainbow)
08 Fruitful Weekend - June Panic (covering a Danielson song from Tri-Danielson!!!(Omega))
09 Soft Eventings - Ativin (covering a Marmoset song from the ep Mishawaka)
10 Lungs For The Race - Swearing At Motorists (covering a Havergal song from Lungs For The Race)
11 Riding And Roaming - Havergal (covering an Ativin song from the ep Summing The Approach)
12 The Real Thing - Racebannon (covering at Swearing At Motorists song from This Flag Signals Goodbye)
13 Clubber Lang - Cornelius Boots (covering a Racebannon song from In The Grips Of The Light)
14 Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death - Jens Lekman (covering a Scout Niblett song from I Am)
15 Sky Phenomenon - Marmoset (covering a Jens Lekman song from the ep Maple Leaves)
16 40 Years Of Our Family - The Impossible Shapes (covering a Japonize Elephants song from Bob's Bacon Barn)
17 Birds - The Panoply Academy (covering an Impossible Shapes song from We Like It Wild)
18 Highlight And Marginalia - The Japonize Elephants (covering a Panoply Academy song from No Dead Time)

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goodbye nashville said...

wow i have been after this for a while . and i was at the end of the road festival last weekend were they had a section dedicated to secretly canadian artist to