Friday, 21 September 2007


(Dead Oceans, 2007)

01 a picture of our torn up praise
02 be dark night
03 wolves
04 at death, a proclamation
05 the waves at night
06 my dove, my lamb
07 cocaine lights
08 pride

"At the base level, Matthew Houck, is a singer-songwriter/folk artist, but one who is pushing the boundaries to the point that he no longer sounds like his contemporaries. For example, although sometimes sparkled with occasional piano, guitar and some other instruments, the main event is his otherworldly voice. On songs like the almost a cappella "Be Dark Night", his high outstanding voice is stacked up against each other to create a wonderful choir. In fact, the track and much of the production work, ends up sounding like a Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys record. And like these Brian Wilson studio experiments, the song manages to be powerful, quiet, peaceful and deeply emotional all in one. It as if Houck has written or found a lost hymn to an ancient and a long forgotten God. Like any good hymn, the track simply puts you at ease. It is as if you are drifting away on a cloud that lifts you from the every day and into a place where remarkable things happen every day. The race is over. The chase has lost it's thrill. Now all there is just the peace and tranquility of the hereafter." Broken Dial

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