Sunday, 16 September 2007


(2007 Tour CD)

  1. "Happily Divided" (Loewenstein)
  2. "Healthy Sick" (Barlow)
  3. "Messin' Around" (Gaffney)
  4. "Cheapshot" (Barlow)
  5. "Let the Day Have Its Way" (Loewenstein)
  6. "Mean Distance" (Gaffney)
  7. "Spoiled" (Barlow)
  8. "Not My Friend" (Loewenstein)
  9. "MEE-YOW" (Barlow)
  10. "Smaller Yard" (Barlow)
  11. "All That I Could" (Barlow)
  12. "Broken Love" (Barlow)
  13. "Cry Sis" (Gaffney)
  14. "Limb By Limb" (Gaffney)
  15. "Indeed You Are" (Loewenstein)
  16. "Wake and Bake" (Gaffney)
  17. "Visibly Wasted" (Gaffney)
  18. "Wade Through the Boggs"
  19. "Katina's" (Barlow/Gaffney/Loewenstein)
  20. "Chicken Walk" (traditional)
  21. "Sebadough!" (Barlow)

Wade Through the Boggs is a CD released by Sebadoh in 2007 and sold during its tour that year. The tracks are live recordings, radio performances, alternate versions and unreleased songs.

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