Monday, 10 September 2007



01 I don't know where to begin
02 rain weekend
03 secret sound #1
04 ribbon
05 the vice-like gist of it
06 secret sound #2
07 two frogs
08 into the smoke
09 glynne
10 secret sound #3
11 secret sound #4
12 cod liver oil

So then. 'The Pictish Trail' is Johnny Lynch, main man behind Fence Records, member of the Fence Collective, friend of and collaborator with King Creosote. From what I can fathom, this album is a collaboration between the two artists, vocal duties being split fairly evenly. I found this searching about on P2P networks and can't get much more concrete information. Anyways, if you like King Creosote then you'll like this - 'nuff said, get downloading it.

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