Wednesday, 5 September 2007


(Becalmed, 2005)

1. Bleeding Saddles
2. Grim Wind
3. Pity Poem
4. They Are Alone In Their Principles
5. High School
6. Carry On Cassidy
7. Happy Mondays
8. It's Fair That You Should Follow Me
9. Bathing St Apostrophe
10. Penelope
11. Happy?
12. XO Freedom Rider

"Wow, I thought the first album was pretty good (although very inconsistently so), but this is just a hundred times better! The sound is a lot clearer, the songs are a lot more focused, and the overall feel is just a lot more positive. Like on the first album, the songs have a noticeable Phil Spector/ 60s-inspired quality to them, with hints of Jesus & Mary Chain and Dan Treacy added in. Thankfully missing are some of the garage rock and excessively noisy elements that I felt marred the first album, and in their place are just more pure and wonderful pop songs. Speaking of the first album, a couple of his earlier songs (a couple of his best ones, at that) appear on this disc, including "Penelope", which I felt was the highlight of that record. Well, on this album, it doesn't stand out as much, as there are many other songs of that caliber, including "Bleeding Saddles", "XO Freedom Rider", the Aislers Set-ish "It's Fair That You Should Follow Me" and "Carry On Cassidy", the b-side of his debut 7". I just have to say that any promises of greatness hinted at the first time around are fulfilled tenfold on this album! Highly recommended!"

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