Sunday, 30 September 2007


(Badman Recording Co., 2007)

01 Hesitation
02 Next Obsession
03 Did I Lose You
04 Slipping
05 Lost In The Stars
06 The Well-Groomed Man
07 Better With Nothing
08 Crash Landing
09 Old Sam
10 Elephant Song
11 River

"Former Film School member Nyles Lannon has been busy since his debut album Chemical Friends made many "Best Of" lists 3 years ago. During his nearly non-stop U.S. and European tours supporting both his debut and Film School's (Beggars Banquet) first album, he painstakingly worked on his second solo album, but it wasn't until he finally took a break from touring that he was able to truly devote himself. A feverish desire to build something greater than his standout debut ruled him throughout the making of the album, and Pressure took on a deep, epic character. It represents a true evolution for the artist.

As Lannon tells us,"Pressure doesn't have a light at the end of the tunnel." It's lyrical content is steeped in dark thought: denial, guilt, temptation, regret. Lannon choreographs his swirling emotions into a series of well-crafted, intelligent pop songs that twist and morph, weaving memorable melodies with electronic flare and soulful guitar playing. From the irresistible catchiness of "Next Obsession," the bluesy drone of "Slipping" or the country shuffle of "Well Groomed Man," Pressure constantly shifts and redefines itself. And with the final song, "River," Lannon delicately lures us out to space and leaves us hanging among the stars."

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