Tuesday, 4 September 2007


01 Evergreen
02 Pressure
03 Heartbreak
04 Pony
05 Fly the Fly
06 Tame the Savage
07 Hands Off My Gold
08 In This Land
09 Comets
10 Wild Cats
11 Our Hearts Don't Change

"The band recently finished their sophomore David Sitek-produced LP, The Modern Tribe, the title an homage to Celebration-homies TVOTR, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Antibalas, and Dragons of Zynth, all of whom make appearances on the record. Album-opener "Evergreen" is the band's attempt to "coax out the ethereal in latter-day soul," and it's without a doubt the prettiest and most melodic thing Celebration has created to date (uh, until you get to track 3 on The Modern Tribe, "Heartbreak," which could end up being their 'Maps'. "


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