Sunday, 30 September 2007


(Last Visible Dog, 2007)

01 Vertigo
02 Undertows
03 Green Eyes
04 Different Air
05 Last Days Of The Sun
06 Blue Moon
07 Creepers
08 Whichever Way She Runs
09 Premonitions
10 Crown Of Teeth
11 In Your Mind
12 I Saw Your Ghost

"The Terminals are a well-known rock band from New Zealand combining elements of modern garage rock with the best of the 60’s era thrown into the mix. Last Days of the Sun is the bands first release since 1997, and it’s a shame really given the quality of this release. Despite the bands long silence, they never split up (they continued to play live shows) but many of the band members were involved in side projects. The twelve tracks on Last Days of the Sun consist of material that had been written over the time span since their last release; these songs represent the best of the bands backlog of material over that ten-year span.

The Terminals have a great sound. Last Days of the Sun captures that garage rock feel, while showing the musical maturity to elevate The Terminals above many bands of the respective genre. The Terminals definitely have remnants of 60s era bands within their music. At times, they remind me of The Doors which is by no means a bad comparison. The production suits the albums so well, it’s perfectly audible yet not quite perfect (in a good way). All of the instruments are clear but have a somewhat soft sound to them; nothing is overpowering and all of the different aspects of the album blend nicely together. I like that Last Days of the Sun doesn’t have razor sharp production. One, it wouldn’t suit The Terminals style; and two; I believe the sound they have sought gives the album a more real feel. The guitar’s tone emanates a fuzzy warmth that I really enjoy. While it could have been done with the newest technology, it reminds me of when bands used to use analog amps, before the days of digital."


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