Wednesday, 5 September 2007


o1 young sensualists
02 lolita
03 a mutinous dream
04 your girlfriend's car
05 conquering kids
06 about to walk
07 yucatan gold
08 stupid stone
09 this is how we kiss
10 groundswell
11 written in heart signs, faintly
12 take it or leave it
13 the old believer
14 moonbeams
15 the happiest man on this plane

"Lolita is definitely the essence of the happy summer pop song - the best type of music there is, with its steady drumbeat and carefree guitar. The xylophone and cute lyrics don't do anything bad for it either. It's definitely a song that I'll be singing to myself for at least the next week or so. Conquering Kids, on the other hand, reminds me a lot of The Shins, and I definitely thought I was listening to Andrew Bird towards the end. Which is a very good combination, and I can definitely see TMTS heading in a direction similar to that of The Shins. It's quite refined, not losing any of its essence in this respect, but there are things like a xylophone that help bring it out from pretty minimalism into a great song. Young Sensualists is another amazing song, beautifully upbeat and carefree, with a definite island feel about it, with the ukulele definitely giving it that escapist feel. I think you'll be hearing quite a bit more about Throw Me The Statue in the future.." Reel Around The Fountain

"The debut full-length album from TMTS is a pop rainbow. It's a magnum opus with songs coming from all angles and all styles. For the bedroom headphones to the speakers at the bbq party, this album goes up, down and around to convince you that this kid is here to do this thing right. Recorded with Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion), an array of instruments and friends show up from the Baskerville clan to make this album a product of love."
Baskerville Hill Records

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