Sunday, 9 September 2007


(Siesta, 2007)

01 good to be a stranger
02 take my hand
03 xylophone song
04 I need you to believe in me
05 the last thing (on your mind)
06 another saturday night
07 down to the ocean
08 feel the magic
09 do it for yourself
10 you could do something to me

"Founded in 1986, the band was one of Sarah Records' most prolific artists, releasing six singles, three LPs, and one compilation with the label. Fans will notice that creative dotage and standard rust hasn't eroded the Orchids' ability to craft toothsome pop delightfully belying their gritty background. "The Last Thing (On Your Mind)" tingles with its bits of flute, while the opening horns on "I Need You to Believe in Me" and the silvery strings on the choruses of "Do It for Yourself" add requisite passion. "Xylophone Song" and "You Could Do Something to Me" feature softhearted, circular melodies reminiscent of anything the band ever released on Sarah."
Stylus Magazine