Sunday, 30 September 2007


(Skin Graft, 2007)

01 drool
02 fudging on our folks
03 scenes from a 1963 LA love-in
04 slash in the snake pit
05 ace cock
06 I met her in the bin
07 nope fun
08 so jazzed
09 dude fuk
10 greasers
11 popping showers
12 and prolapse
13 ride ride ride
14 know yr teachers
15 untitled

"This is chaos. And as we all know, there’s a fine line between chaos and creation - remember what Macca told us. PRE though, they’ve not just blurred the line, they’ve snapped it up into so many little pieces it might as well be dust, then blown it in old Paul Mc’s face. What the hell am I going on about? To be honest I’m not quite sure. It’s just that when you’ve taken the aural beating that PRE dish out, rational thinking kind of disappears. Y’see in just 26 minutes the London based 5 piece swing wildly and violently from Liars esque drone rock to the kind of funked up, screamo barrage of noise only previously available from The Blood Brothers. And all this played with a kind of intensity and fervour that’d make a Black Flag-era Henry Rollins seem placid."

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