Saturday, 29 September 2007


(Ato Records / Red, 2007)

01 Crocodile
02 Beautiful Burnout
03 Holding The Moth
04 To Heal
05 Ring Road
06 Glam Bucket
07 Boy, Boy, Boy
08 Cuddle Bunny Vs The Celtic Villages
09 Faxed Invitation
10 Good Morning Cockerel
11 Best Mamgu Ever

"After a five-year hiatus, Underworld return with an album that draws from across their past. With a mix of aggression and sunshine, they calculate syncopated, ricocheted beats against cleanly delineated textures and circumscribed melodies that have the cool of the 1980s New Romantic movement from which they originally sprang as Freur. Kraftwerk is in the DNA of their sound, but they've moved well past that, incorporating elements of hip-hop and industrial music into the mix. The best tracks on Oblivion with Bells are also the most ambitious. "Crocodile" has some lovely, almost Gregorian harmonies, while "Beautiful Burnout" is an epic journey with broad synthesizer chords sweeping by like headlights before segueing into a joyfully ritualistic electro-percussion tribal workout."

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