Saturday, 22 September 2007


(Load, 2007)

1. A Rest
2. Debt Depths
3. Cloven Hoof
4. The Electrician
5. This Most Real of Hells
6. Perforated
7. Certificate of No Effect
8. Through the Panama
9. Degraded Hours
10. Black Peter

"Through The Panama is the band's sixth album (out Oct. 28, CD on Load, LP on Ecstatic Peace) and takes the notch so much higher than previous efforts in terms of songwriting and production. With Andrew W.K. as a producer, some of the caustic curtains that swathed past albums have been parted to reveal a coldly pulsing artificial heart. And the beat of this heart sounds off in an alien tongue of bass and drums. Guitars descend like unforgiving sheets of napalm from the smoldering skyline. Songs pop out of this miasma that tick off icy coolness with piano and vocal stylings. Indeed, hot and cool. To accentuate the difference this album has versus previous Sighting's records, a Scott Walker cover is included. This is a rock album, but a rock for times coming, a sound of future days. Break the chains from the days of past, listen to SIGHTINGS and evolve."

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