Saturday, 22 September 2007


(Make Mine Music, 2007)

01 may your heart be the map
02 the stars in spring
03 summers first breath
04 forgotten mornings
05 the stars in autumn
06 we left our homes for winter
07 lost in failing light
08 you are an annual
09 the balloonist
10 winterbirds
11 the trees and lanes
12 we grew up playing in the fields of england
13 early 80's snowfall

"Clocking in at 46 minutes in length, May Your Heart be The Map succeeds in not outstaying its welcome, too. Whereas Kranky label releases past have initially appeared serenity perfected, calming and bewitching from the outset, many have fallen foul of overly long durations; not so here, and while Epic45 lack the complexities of a Keith Fullerton Whitman or the repetition of a Growing, parallels can be drawn. Indeed, ‘Forgotten Morning’ cycles and recycles its closing moments in a manner that’s very similar to the latter point of reference, while the assortment of clickedy-click backing beats are an echo of the highly schooled approach of Whitman. In fact, numerous comparisons can be made to acts experienced previously after but a single listen to May Your Heart be The Map, but this isn’t imitation dressed up as innovation; source material is selected with care, and the assembly is startling in its affecting acuteness." Drowned In Sound

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