Friday, 3 August 2007


"The band would have put it more succinctly, but here's my take: Colossal Youth was Zen disco, new wave haiku, monk-punk that used sweetly perverted Ramones/Pistols minimalism to gently sketch out an exploded drawing of pop music. Though the album's spare, perfectly placed strokes of guitar, bass, organ, and voice would have more of an effect on mopey slowcore types and basement four-trackers, the ineffable thing about the Giants' music was how simultaneously haunting and cheery they could be. "Eating Noddemix" is music for brushing your teeth to the morning after an apocalypse, and the inimitable "Wurlitzer Jukebox" is a dance track for the last man on earth, with a geiger counter relentlessly ticking out the beat. Om, baby, yeah."
Pitchforkmedia's Top 100 Albums of the 1980's

Again, just posted because it's fantastic - hope you'll give it a spin if it's new to you.

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