Friday, 17 August 2007


01 Pots & Pans
02 The Equestrian
03 The Year Before the Year 2000
04 Patty Lee
05 What Wolves Would Do
06 Brace Yourself
07 Rage in the Plague Age
08 Slugs in the Shrubs
09 Kiss Kiss Is Gettting Old
10 Comes & Goes
11 Scotchguard the Credit Card
12 The Lowest Bitter

"Let's Stay Friends is a record about Les Savy Fav's unwillingness to give up. It's a resolution to defy the forces which wear away at our innocence and enthusiasm. As musicians, the record declares their ultimate goals of being together, writing, and performing on their own terms, loosed from the thicket of the professional independent music business which has grown up all around them. From it's first track- “Pots & Pans” to "Patty Lee" to its last "The Lowest Bitter,” Let's Stay Friends consistently explores the challenges of keeping sight of ones true nature of a rapidly shifting world. The band’s approach to music in relation to changes it has witnessed in the music scene extends into a sophisticated metaphor all people can relate to about how we marry the consistent with the inconsistent." Frenchkiss Records

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