Wednesday, 8 August 2007


1. Burn Down Your Mother's House
2. Mustard Seeds
3. The Soft Contortionist
4. The Gypsy Moths Came While We Slept
5. Brown Grass
6. So Much For The Sun
7. A Crow Came Through The Window
8. In The Morning I'll Be Gone
9. That Last Night On The Farm
10. Good Bye, Lucille

"Frostburg, Maryland’s musical collective, The Royal Army Recording Co., returns with a full-length follow-up to their EP “Mary, Your Ghost Is Showing”. Twisted into a country folk album that skirts traditional sounds for a more alternative version, “Contortionist Blues Vol. 1” is a lo-fi adventure that’s worth a few repeat listens. The album is subtitled, “10 Days on the Poor Farm” which evokes imagery from the tiny valley community in West Virginia where Kenny and Curt Tompkins were raised. Great blues-folk numbers that are perfectly fit for a coffeehouse or porch near you."

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