Saturday, 11 August 2007


(Secretly Canadian)

Toe Tapper
Florist Fired
Das Boot
Eat Me Out
Laughing With Minx
I Saw Your Shadow
Missing Man
Pass It Along
(I'm) Somewhere
Not Nice
Dropping Dimes
Personality Candyspots

"Although principal songwriter Jorma Whittaker possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Beatles-esque melodies and is more likely to cite John Lennon and friends as his musical influences, Florist Fired leaves listeners with the unmistakable feeling that the band owes much more to a Keith Richards-led Stones swagger-- without the budget or access to premium pharmaceuticals. In contrast to the seemingly lecherous, self-loathing gems penned by Whittaker, guitarist Dave Jablonski offers up detached ethereal odes like a man with his head truly in the clouds." Secretly Canadian

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