Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Just got this in the post this morning, direct from Camera Obscura Records of Australia - and ripped for your pleasure!

"The sea, as every sailor knows, is a cruel mistress—but has also been, throughout the centuries, a powerful creative force. It is present in whaling tales, rhymes of ancient mariners, and now comes sloshing out of your stereos courtesy of The Wrecker’s Lantern, the debut album from Nottingham-based quintet Saint Joan. The landlocked East Midlands gun capital may not be the obvious origin of five wistful oceanographers, but irrelevant of its physical presence, the sea permeates every inch of this album."

Read full review at Stylus Magazine.

"Saint Joan are five musicians originally West Bridgford in Nottingham, England, Mohacs in Hungary and Strasbourg in France. A few musicians have come and gone much like the English summer but they have settled as they are now, and call on the odd flautist, cellist, vibraphone-player, et al, when the mood takes them.

They are inspired by stream-of-consciousness prose, like James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, by the "darkness on the edge of town", flawed beauty and black comedy. They listen to many things: Nick Cave, The Tindersticks, Jonathan Richman, The Velvets,Tom Waits and Galaxie 500 among them.

Camera Obscura Records

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Camera Obscura Records said...

Please take with download off line. File sharing is killing small labels like ours, and you have no permission to bootleg this album on-line. If it is not removed I will have to pursue administrative action.