Saturday, 11 August 2007


1. Many Funerals
2. Invasion
3. Taking Control
4. Go Away
5. I Could Be There For You
6. Come Clean
7. Ten Cent Blues
8. A Sight to Behold
9. Combinations
10. If You're Wondering

Building on the success of their lauded debut Room Noises, the guitar-driven Combinations is a diverse collection of songs that nevertheless fit comfortably together. The lyrics shift effortlessly from romantic to quirky (“Invasion” even involves an alien takeover), but always keep the listener fixated on the track at hand.

But where Room Noises contained a mix of new songs and re-recorded older tunes, Combinations is the band’s first full-length of all new material. “It was exhilarating for us to have an opportunity to start from scratch,” Stacy says. “We were excited to start writing this record and, because of that energy, we wrote a lot of the songs very quickly.”

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