Friday, 17 August 2007


01. I'm not supposed to like you (but)
02. as we proceed
03. catch up
04. est side of the river
05. i do
06. just didn't turn me on
07. you make me feel like a freak
08. hawkin's rock
09. churchgoer
10. book of names
11. saturday night

"For ten years, Travis Morrison was the lead singer and lyricist of The Dismemberment Plan, the D.C. art-rock quartet that made hip-hop, R&B, samplers, and having fun safe for the basement-show punk set. The Plan’s last two records in particular (Emergency & I, and Change, both released on DeSoto Records) are widely considered to be underground classics.

After releasing the brilliant but critic-disorienting solo record Travistan, Travis has moved on and found himself a new band to work with, the Hellfighters, and in 2005 they started working on a new record. After some unsatisfactory attempts to get some songs recorded, the Hellfighters took a break and Travis started singing in local D.C. church choirs, and working for volunteer organizations. In 2006, the band came together again and with the help of ex-Dismemberment Plan member Jason Caddell at the helm, the Hellfighters finished recording the songs that would become All Y'All." Barsuk Records

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1000songs said...

Looking forward to this one. Thank you.