Sunday, 26 August 2007


1.A Sad Day For Investors
2.Ghost Assassinating Other Ghosts
3.Nothing Is Free
4.The Bridges, Let Us Down
5.A Hundred Light Years And Running
6.The Shipwrecker
7.Sound Of Head On Concrete
9.The Bones Of My Pets
10.In Paradise
11.One Egg Short Of The Omelette
12.On Cavalry
13.Stupid Things Implode On Themselves

"Though Sole’s last album, Live From Rome, came out only two and a half years ago (in early 2005), and Sole has been busy in the meantime, recently releasing a solo instrumental LP, under the moniker mansbestfriend, and twice touring the U.S. and Europe, he nonetheless refers to the self-titled Sole & Skyrider record as a “comeback.” It’s a curious term; what is a comeback exactly? Simply a return with a vengeance?

In some ways, it is a record of return—a return to rhyming, for one, particularly the complicated rhyme schemes that marked Sole’s early work, a return driven by his seemingly, but not actually, discordant love of both Lord Byron and Lil’ Wayne. Sole and The Skyrider Band also represents a return to the musical consistency and coherence that made the Alias-produced Selling Live Water a critical triumph." Anticon

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