Friday, 24 August 2007


01 all in the mind
02 watch the lines
03 so tough
04 roll me on over
05 going native
06 what were the reasons
07 are others
08 yeah next
09 attraction
10 carthage
11 the wild

"Mother And The Addicts are a cussedly independent bunch: by boldly sticking to their guns and appealing to their own musical sensibilities first, they’ve succeeded in making an album that is both effortlessly appealing and invigoratingly fresh. An emphatic lesson in how to take musical influences and create something vital, “Science Fiction Illustrated” barrels across decades of dance floors without ever losing sight of the here and now. Mother And The Addicts deal in delicious eccentricity and it’s their joyful lack of convention that should be lauded in a time of threadbare radio-fodder – just don’t confuse it with a lack of substance…" Chemikal Underground

"Fans of Franz Ferdinand and Pulp, meet your dream narcotic” MOJO 4/5

“This album could have been made in 1978, 1986 or 1992, but it sounds irrevocably and marvellously modern.” SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY (Release Of The Week) 4/5

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