Wednesday, 8 August 2007


( 2001 Mercrider CD MER001)

Under the Knife
Wearing You
Two Stooges
Kansas Soundtrack
Solitaire Champion
Too Much
It All Ends
Full Moons and Fingernails
Night Time
Found Me Out

"Minus Story craft melodies and harmonies that dig truly and deeply under your skin, displacing all those lead-filled chiggers of life that keep you low and on the outside. Moebius Syndrome begins to define Minus Story's self-proclaimed "Wall of Crap" sound - resembling a naively recorded pop symphony - much like the music of Circulatory System and Neutral Milk Hotel. It also embraces those indefinable qualities found on records like Mt. Eerie by Microphones or Fragile by Yes. It is experimental pop, through and through, with all the attendant haunted edges. " Jajaguwar

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