Monday, 27 August 2007


01 prole art threat
02 how I wrote elastic man
03 totally wired
04 pay your rates
05 putta block
06 an older lover
07 fit and working again
08 marquis cha-cha
09 the man whose head expanded
10 neighbourhood of infinity (live)
11 kicker conspiracy
12 wings
13 city hobgoblins
14 leave the capitol

"By far the best place to begin with the Fall, Palace Of Swords Reversed is a collection of tracks from the period--1980 to 1983--commonly regarded as their most wildly original and (artistically) successful. The emphasis is on the less wilful, more immediate and direct stuff: singles such as "Totally Wired" and "How I Wrote Elastic Man", relentless, niggling riffs and a singular, literate vision. It was once remarked that arguing with Lenin was like "being hit round the head with a shovel". Palace Of Swords Reversed creates the same effect, and can be returned to endlessly, both for its plain brilliance and for its ability to whack you into shape, infect you for the better with its brusque, diseased intelligence."

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