Tuesday, 7 August 2007


After the dissolution of Q and Not U, Davis teamed up with fellow D.C’er Laura Burhenn, whose solo projects have been described as, “Beth Gibbons meets Leonard Cohen and they share a drink at the piano with Nina Simone.”

Last year, they 'released' a 7-track CD of demos entitled 'Demos At Dance Place' - which I discovered via a Cokemachineglow review.

(Dischord then put out the disc officially, tho' at the moment it is unavailable.)

Thing is, quite a few people dissed Q and Not U's last album whereas I loved it. So, if you thought that 'Power' was too dance or too pop, then Georgie James might not be for you. However, fans of New Pornographers should find a lot to like here.

The band are now signed to Saddle Creek, who have scheduled a September 25th release date for 'Places'.

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