Friday, 17 August 2007


1. Ashamed
2. Art Isn't Real (City of Sin)
3. Standing at the Threshold
4. Dirty Dishes
5. Long Time
6. Nevada
7. Baltimore Blues No. 1
8. These Old Shoes
9. Not So Dense
10. Spend the Night
11. Diamond Rings 2007
12. Sink or Swim
13. Christ Jesus
14. What Kind of Fool Am I?

"At the age of 21, John McCauley, the man behind songwriting project/band Deer Tick, has recorded War Elephant, an album full of songs wiser and more nuanced than he should be able to produce according to natural law. The words are deliberate and heartfelt, following the lead of guys like Townes van Zandt, Neil Young and Richie Valens. The arrangements touch on everything from the summery rock of Tom Petty to Nirvana’s sludgier moments. And McCauley’s voice, arguably the best thing about Deer Tick, carries these great melodies with real strength and honesty.

This is not going to be the record they play at the dance party in the warehouse that you got all done up for. This will be the record you listen to on the drive back, alone and after you’ve sobered up enough to make it." Feow Records

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