Monday, 27 August 2007


01 dear me
02 lectric
03 meanmedian mode
04 sick hipster nursed by suicide girl
05 must try easier
06 two kinds
07 capitalized i
08 go down together
09 compare
10 florida
11 buzzard scout
12 plots and plans
13 what I meant to say

"A few days ago though I got a chance to get an advance copy of Film School’s third album Hideout. I was quite eager to hear what all the buzz was about so I decided to bump this album up my scheduled playlist for the week and started listening to it. First impressions? I was blown away by how tight Film School’s sound is.

The band has mastered a dark pop sensibility that reminds of you of all the best qualities of shoegaze, new wave and indie pop. the darker texture of the songs actually help distinguish it from the day-glo happiness that some bands seem to revel in. I am particularly reminded of 80’s band Darkside who have also mastered the swirling guitars and dreamy production values that Film School so adeptly use. I particularly love the instrumental flourishes that the band try to incorporate into every song, most notably in Two Kinds. The cello-like synth backdrop paints a more melancholic atmosphere but at the same time gives it an ethereal beauty. Special mention goes to Compare, the part where the guitars first come in gives me goosebumps every time and this very jaded music fan seldom experiences that. So props to them." IndieMusicChatter


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