Wednesday, 22 August 2007


01 intro
02 caring is creepy
03 when I goose-step
04 young pilgrims
05 girl inform me
06 won too many fights
07 harvest (neil young)
08 pink bullets
09 gone for good
10 sphagnum esplanade
11 the past and pending
12 new slang
13 saint simon

Yeah, I know it's not new (this boot is from 2004) but I was just listening to it again last night and thought it would be a nice little treat if any of you hadn't heard it. The sound quality is really good and with 'Caring Is Creepy' it gives me a great solo version of what is probably one of favourite songs ever. The Moonshine Festival itself took place at Laguna Beach, California - which for someone living in the freezing north-east of England sounds impossibly romantic.