Saturday, 11 August 2007


01 apple pie suburbia
02 walking down the street
03 annabel lee
04 zzzzz
05 ambience in the countryside
06 the violet evening
07 I've got love
08 where I'm going to be
09 it's such a drag
10 saltwater dream
11 amsterdam

"The Twilight is an indie pop-rock band from Cleveland, Ohio that creates a straight forward, multi-faceted sound influenced primarily by classic American and British rock music. The band’s sound is uniquely diverse with an array of comparisons to the likes of Donovan, Badfinger, The Raspberries, and Blur. On stage, the band evokes an image of rock’s glorious past while forging an exciting new path of their own. Throw into the mix a little 1970’s glitter, a dose of New Wave, add some indie-rock sensibility – all packed into three to four minute pop gems – and you’ll get the idea of what The Twilight is all about." CD Baby

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