Thursday, 16 August 2007


1. Modern Folk Song 2. Oh Solitude 3. Day Another Day 4. Old Fashioned War 5. Mozart On 33 6. I Saw Evil 7. God Damn Broke And Broken Hearted 8. Summer Gave Us Sweets But Autumn Wrought Division

"Taking their name from George Dangerfield's politically-charged novel, Portsmouth quintet The Strange Death of Liberal England could not appear more pretentious if they tried. But, then again, this is a band renowned for never saying a word to their live audience, and continually swapping instruments throughout their set. The music better be bloody good.

Most fortunately, the extent of this band's bloody goodness is enough to make your head spin. True, comparisons to Arcade Fire come screaming at you from all angles, but there is something so epic and so heartfelt about the songs showcased here, that it seems imperative to view the group as contemporaries, not imitators. Added to that, hardly anybody can manage a sound like Arcade Fire, and these five youths produce a choral enormity in places here that is nothing short of sensational. Contenders for best new band of 2007, this surely is." musicOMH


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