Monday, 13 August 2007


"Here we have a series of poignant songs and instrumentals. Delicate acoustic playing is interwoven with mandolin, keyboards and tiny chimes. It starts with the late night lullaby melodies of 'A Beautiful Fire' before the first actual song 'Chins Up'. This has an urgent strummed sound with layered vocals and reminds of Animal Collective. This comparison is continued on the delerious Italian shanty 'Every Scratched Out Eye'. 'I Miss You Very Much' is more direct, an intimate song of genuine longing. 'Letters To Laura' has a beautiful melody, a wisftul mood piece that evokes Ennio Morricone. Things continue at this high quality throughout. There are variances though, 'Lost In A Wave' has a mystical psychedelic quality, a surreal whirl of bells, guitar, waves and twin vocals that reminds of Sixties legends Forest.

'Mildeath' is darker, low choral vocals merged with flames and shuffling death-waltz percussion. On song such as 'Songbird Sing' the vocal and instruments remind of Chris Bozzone or Devendra Barnhart. 'Summer With' has a layered acoustic quality that is appealing and gives a warm sound of their own. 'This Light', the title track has a kind of late period Beatles playing a 1950s song approach. It's a rather excellent song that deserves the album purchase alone."

Woven Wheat Whispers

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