Thursday, 2 August 2007


01 the international
02 candor
03 cars on fire
04 maritime snakes
05 safe and sound
06 the peoples monument
07 customs
08 magnior
09 silver
10 rot it out
11 the spoils
12 stator asymptote
13 tumult
14 sudden freeze-ice shelf-the thaw

"Formed in 2002, in the back room of a Chicago Ukrainian Village apartment, fledgling three piece Arks consisted of bassist Mat Biscan and drummer Bo Altes piecing together minimalist, reverb-laden, ethereal songs based on singer/guitarist Paul Hornschemeier's four track recordings. Over the course of the next three years the group buckled and stretched, recording their first EP "Or Else It's Not There" in 2004, adding then engineer Lanny Oswalt on guitar, and infusing new energy into the percussion with drummer Glenn Rischke. This growth stripped away the reverb and fog, moving to the forefront the group's penchant for driving rhythm made jagged and danceable by wrangled noise. Galvanized by the band's evolution and cemented lineup, Arks entered the studio to graph their progress. The result is their first full length album, "The International." " Highwheel Records

Would you call it post-punk, dark angular rock? - whatever it is, it's FANTASTIC!

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