Saturday, 25 August 2007


  1. I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time
  2. Trouble
  3. I'm On A Roll
  4. Nothing Is Innocent
  5. The Trumpet Child
  6. Entertaining Thoughts
  7. Who'm I Kiddin' But Me
  8. Let's Spend the Day In Bed
  9. Desperate for Love
  10. Don't Wait for Tom
  11. If a Song Could Be President

"Every once awhile an album can conjure up a film in your mind's eye. Over The Rhine, a duo from Ohio have a new album called The Trumpet Child out in August and it's the soundtrack for movie the Coen Brothers should start shooting right now. Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler kick off with a thirties brass section, declaring that "I don't waste your time with music you don't need".

Wonderfully arranged the songs are linked together like a songbook dreamed up by a songwriters team with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Randy Newman at the forefront. If you need a break from all the hoopla, pour you self a stiff drink and put on The Trumpet Child. You will be transported to a Grand Cafe with the best live entertainment you have heard in a long, long time."


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